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Shipping Totes

Thank you for your interest in our Re-useable Shipping Totes program. We're sure you'll love both of these no-charge programs. Not only will it save you time opening and breaking down cardboard boxes, it saves you the cost of disposing of them as well. But the real benefit is to the environment - no more killing trees for single use cardboard boxes!

Here are the details of our two environmentally friendly tote programs;

Small Orders - no more single use plastic bags!

It's our responsibility to help the environment. So let's work together to reduce single-use plastic bags. rBag and ORNG or round tripper tote are here to do just that. Small items or the very small part of larger orders, will be delivered to you in an rBag or ORNG tote. When our driver arrives he'll unpack the rBag or ORNG tote for you so you're left with just the items you ordered - no plastic bag or small box to dispose of. Our driver will return rBag or ORNG tote back to our warehouse.

Talk about a huge time and cost saver for you and the environment. Now you don't have to spend time breaking down boxes or pay to dispose of them because there are none! And don't worry, if you think this won't work for your office, just let us know and we'll remove you from the program.

rBag and ORNG are truly the new GREEN!

BG, (Blue Green) the Original Over Nighter Tote!

Add BG, the over nighter tote and you've got the ultimate environmentally friendly shipping solution. Unlike rBag or ORNG which are just in and out, orders delivered in BG are left for you to unpack. And then the next time our driver is there he'll pick up the empty BG tote and return it to our warehouse.

Unfortunately these two great programs are only available to customers within our local delivery area.


  • Eco-friendly: No waste, no killed trees for single use cardboard boxes
  • Save Time: Simply open the tote, empty and you're done! Don't waste time breaking down cardboard boxes
  • Simple Returns with BG: No need to find or pay for a box - use ours!
  • Simple Recycling with BG: Dead batteries, old cell phones, printers or other technology, empty toner or ink cartridges - no problem. Simply put them in our shipping tote and we'll recycle them for you.


  • rBag, ORNG and BG are FREE voluntary programs and can be cancelled by you or FRID + Russell at any time.
  • All shipping totes remain the property of FRID + Russell.
  • All totes are to be returned to FRID + Russell.
  • You are expected to notify your employees which may have access to the shipping totes that the totes are the property of FRID + Russell. (eg. a company wide email)
  • Only customers within our local delivery area that order approximately once a week are eligible for BG.
  • All empty BG totes will be picked up by a FRID+ Russell driver the next time they are delivering an order.
  • Empty BG totes are to be stored in an easily accessible and visible area for our FRID+ Russell driver to pick up.
  • You are welcome to use our shipping totes to return products however all returns must be pre-authorized.
  • Once signed up, we'll endeavour to pack in a tote whenever possible however this doesn't always happen.
  • All shipping totes are bar coded and are electronically tracked.

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